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Jeff Fiorentino's guitar music means you don't have to settle for canned or generic music for your film, TV show, documentary, or business ad.  Get your hands on some EPIC guitar rock, metal, blues, or jazz for your project!!  We're happy to work within any budget, and have over 400 guitar-music tracks written & produced by Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP) and the legendary JFRocks.com available for you to choose from.  The vast majority of these tracks are licensed to television both in the US and in Europe.  But, we also support indie-film around here too, and we really want to offer filmmakers who are into guitar, some great guitar music for their project.  Scratch that.... some "epic" guitar music for their project.

Currently Available Music
Our ever growing catalog is diverse including horror, action-oriented rock, metal, surf, jazz, blues and more.  To license any of our tracks, or if you have any questions, you can get in touch with us through our quick and easy Contact Form.  All music is usually royalty-free, and since we support indie-film around here there's no fee for indie-filmmakers, usually we just ask for a credit.  (**Note to indie-filmmakers, while we don't charge a fee for you to use our tracks, you still need our permission in writing to use them.  All songs are registered with ASCAP and copyright protected with all rights reserved.)

**Custom Music - Quick Turnaround

Here at JFRocks.com & JFRocks Music Publishing Jeff Fiorentino writes and produces his own music.  Jeff in fact does all drums, bass, guitar, composing, and mixing.  That being said, we're not dependant upon others schedules to make it happen.  Usually, we can do a 12 to 24-hour turnaround if need-be on any custom song materials you want.  To request custom music get in touch through our quick and easy Contact Form.

Note: custom music takes time, effort, and some skills to make happen. However for indie-filmmakers or folks on a low-budget there's always a deal that can be struck.

Standard Licensing Fees

$60.00 - $99.00 (per song commercial use royalty-free)
$25.00 - $50.00
(per song non-commercial use royalty-free)
Royalty licensing (usually for TV, studio film etc. is through ASCAP)

Indie-film - typically no fee - royalty-free
**Note to indie-filmmakers, while we don't charge a fee for you to use our tracks, you still need our permission in writing to use them. Typcially all that's required beyond our prermission is a credit. And of course the usual promise of future greatness is always a nice pot-sweetener.

To License any of our music please use our contact form.
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