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As a new visitor to the site, let me offer you a quick tour of JFRocks.  We're not a new website by any means.  We've been around since 2001 and have Thousands of fans in our loyal following.  There's a lot to take in as a newcomer to this website.  This site map will help you see some of the great stuff that this one of a kind website site has to offer.

We hope you not only enjoy this awesome website, but also get a lot out of it.  There's nothing else out there like  We do a lot more here than just teach you how to play songs, or teach basic theory.  We try to teach you to be a "guitarist".  That means more than just playing songs, and knowing some basic theory.  Being a "guitarist" means that you have a deep understanding of what you're playing, and if you're playing a strong style like a Van Halen, or Page, you understand the style deeper than just the songs. 

We teach you to create music here, and innovate off of popular guitar styles so that you can be an individual as a guitarist and not just another schmoe that knows some Van Halen or Zeppelin tunes and performs them day in and day out like a human jukebox.  There are Thousands of people out there that can do that, but only a handful of people actually understand what they're playing enough to use the style to not only create original music, but innovate off of it and take it further.  We teach you to be part of that handful here!!

So if you're interested in writing your own music, developing a unique guitar style of your own, and digging deeper into the styles of your favorite guitar players to go beyond just the riffs and solos themselves, then is definitely the website for you!!! 
You can also read our "Mission Statement" page for further summary of what is all about.

Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP)

Professional Studio/Session Guitarist, Founder & CEO of and JFRocks Music Publishing, Hollywood, CA




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"Van Halen style" LESSONS:  FREE online guitar lessons covering the style of Edward VH.  All VH style lessons feature the JFRocks mock band, "Vin Heuton", and all have a lesson example song track, and a 45 minute to 1 hour video lesson to go with them.  Each lesson also has note for note TAB transcription to go with it, and a sound and settings chart where Jeff gives you all of the equipment and settings that he used to create the lesson's example song track.

Jeff has produced over 250 hours of material on the VH guitar style, and these Vin Heuton online lessons and lesson Products are priceless for any Ed head who is interested in this amazing, and free flowing guitar style.  For more info on Vin Heuton be sure to check out our "Who is Vin Heuton" info page.  Follow the link below for the online Vin Heuton lessons, and also be sure to check our Guitar Lesson Store for Vin Heuton Vh style 101 Product Downloads & CD-ROMs.  To check out free online "Vin Heuton" VH style 101 lessons simply follow the link below.


Technique & Genre Guitar LESSONS:  FREE online Standard JFRocks guitar instruction (electric).


Summary of JFRocks guitar instructional products: 
Check out Jeff's Discography.  This page is great if you're new here and aren't familiar with our history.  We offer some of the most innovative and quality guitar instruction available to you anywhere.


ONLINE STORE:  Buy video guitar lesson product downloads and CD-ROMs in our Guitar Lesson Store.  All proceeds go to support and keep it online & growing.  Our "guitar instructional products" are like nothing else available to you anywhere.  We have a huge range of products, so be sure to browse all sections of our store.


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Jeff Fiorentino / JFRocks MP3 Downloads, Jeff Fiorentino Music:  A quick reference page for JFRocks site fans to get access to and find popular JFRocks MP3 lesson example tracks quickly without having to go through each individual lesson page on the site to find the song they want to download. - or visit our music store at Guitar Lesson Main Index:  A quick reference page for new visitors to to learn about and find guitar lessons quickly in the vastness that is

The Official Jeff Fiorentino & Blog:  Check out the official JFRocks / Jeff Fiorentino blog for site news, commentary, and blog only mini-guitar lessons that we call Blog Lesson Shorts.



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