JFRocks.com's Philosophy:  We here at JFRocks.com believe learning to play the guitar is about more
than just knowing how to play a song.  Learning a song without learning what makes it tick is not a lesson and is not helping you to become a better guitarist, it's only adding a song to your repertoire.  It's through detailed analysis of the song you've learned, combined with some experimental embellishment exercises that you truly learn more than just a riff or a solo, but why it works, how it was created, and more importantly how you can do the same thing.  It really isn't rocket science, in fact though there is a lot of math involved with music, to be perfectly honest what ultimately matters in the end is whether it sounds cool or not.

To that end sure we teach you how to play our song examples and even some cover songs here and there, but more importantly than that, we teach you in plain easy to understand English what makes the songs tick.  We teach you why a song sounds the way it does to the listener, why a given solo works, and not just a solo part but the rhythms under that solo so that you understand what you're soloing over.  In the case of style based lessons like the Van Halen-style and Beyond VH materials, we teach you the given artist's go-to's, tricks, and band dynamic, i.e. instrument interaction and songwriting style so that you understand why the given band or artist's music comes across the way it does.  These types of lessons not only help you understand the fret-board better, but also give you the ability to create and record your own music through an understanding of various styles and methods of composing.

Jeff Fiorentino and JFRocks.com's ultimate goal is to teach you to be a smart thinking guitarist who isn't playing guessing games with the fret-board.  To that end, we firmly believe that the products we offer in our store and the lessons we feature on our website are some of the finest guitar lessons that you'll find anywhere!!

A JFRocks brief history 
(written by: Jeff Fiorentino)

JFRocks.com was started in July of 2001.  Over the years including its heyday which was from about 2004-2011, this site saw a-lot of transitions and activity.  The stories are to long and many to tell.  You can search the internet I'm sure most of this site's history lives in old forums etc.  JFRocks.com was one of the first website on the internet to offer full length video lessons with its guitar tabs.  We were also the first really to offer original music content with its lessons to avoid copyright issues, and the only site to move beyond genres and base content on artist styles and techniques, like Van Halen, Bratta, Page, Hendrix, etc.

All of the above being said, it's important to remember that if you're new here and you just found JFRocks.com for the first time, you've missed a lot of history!!  This site and those who helped build it is the product of more than a decade of our lives.  It's an accomplishment that I'm quite proud of, and one that is still very popular getting over 10K unique visits per month, even though no updates have been done in years.  I'm proud to say we've helped 10's of thousands of guitarists over the years become better players, or even rekindle their interest in the instrument after years of dormancy.  Some have even gone on to become professional players themselves.

So, if you're watching some of the videos and don't understand some of the commentary about things or lessons happening on the site, or people being mentioned etc. keep in mind you're about 8 or so years late.  JFRocks may be new to you, but it's not new by any means.  JFRocks.com in its current state is akin to watching an old TV show that references things of decades gone by.  It doesn't make the TV show bad, it just makes some of the jokes out of date.  Same applies here.  Whilst some of the references on the older lessons are out of date, the lessons themselves are timeless.

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