Mission Statement

JFRocks.com Philosophy:  We here at JFRocks.com believe learning to play the guitar is about more
than just knowing how to play a song.  Learning a song without learning what makes it tick is not a lesson and is not helping you to become a better guitarist, it's only adding a song to your repertoire.

To that end sure we teach you how to play our song examples, but more important than that, we teach you in plain easy to understand English what makes the songs tick.  We teach you why a song sounds the way it does to the listener, why a given solo works, and not just a solo part but the rhythms under that solo so that you understand what you're soloing over.  In the case of style based lessons like the Van Halen-style and Beyond VH stuff, we teach you the given artist's go-to's, tricks, and band dynamic i.e. instrument interaction and songwriting style.  These types of lessons not only help you understand the fret-board better, but also give you the ability to create and record your own music.

Jeff Fiorentino and JFRocks.com's ultimate goal is to teach you to be a smart, thinking guitarist who isn't playing guessing games with the fret-board.  To that end, we firmly believe that the products we offer in our store and the lessons we feature on our website are some of the finest guitar lessons that you'll find anywhere!!

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