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May - 2013

May 2013 - "Writing for Two"
(Utilizing multi-guitar riffing to the fullest)

 This month's mailbag addresses some questions from site fans about developing a sound and band dynamic in a multi-guitar situation.  More to the point, how to craft riffs and various other songs aspects to best utilize a 2 guitar situation when playing the same thing is actually called for.  Recording techniques, are also discussed, and examples are given by Jeff.

April - 2013

April 2013 - "Swing Low"
(Adding some coolness to leads & riffs)

 This month's mailbag addresses some questions from site fans about applying a more relaxed approach to their riffs and solos.  Jeff delves into adding some Swing, what it means, and how to apply it.  Jeff also  answers a question about what he specifically warms-up with when he picks up a guitar.  Demo is given.


March - 2013

"Hooked on Power"
(Power Chord Riffing 101)

 This month's mailbag addresses some questions from site fans about utilizing cool sounding power chords  to come up with catchy guitar hooks, or epic riffs.  Examples and tips are offered
by Jeff Fiorentino.
February - 2013

"Practice or DIE!!"
(Making Practicing more Practical)

 This month's mailbag is for those of you who HATE to practice, and think it's boring.  Jeff answers some questions on this topic and offers some practical tips that can not only spice up your playing, but also make practicing less of an exercise in tedium.


January - 2013

"Quirks and Jerks"
(The art of personality)

 This month's mailbag deals with the countless questions Jeff and the rest of us at get about  specifically HOW to add a little more pizzazz and personality to riffing and soloing.  Jeff offers some practical  tips here on our 2013 year opener guitar lesson, and gives some pretty darn fine examples as well even if it was 6AM.


December - 2012

 "Weird & Hybrid Modes Part 3"

 This month's mailbag is part 3 in Jeff's very popular "Weird Modes" series.  This month's mailbag looks at
 another great weird scale, the "Arabian Mode" aka "Arabian Major no 7th".  Jeff gives some great tips on
 this short 12 minute impromptu (unplanned) mail bag video, and of course explains some of the uses for
 this fantastic hybrid scale mode.
November - 2012

"Soloing over ANY chord changes
you're presented with"

 This month's mailbag deals with a down and dirty method used by a lot of players to solo over any chord  change they're presented with.  Practical tips and a great example are given by Jeff in this month's Mail Bag  Video Guitar Lesson segment..
September - 2012

"Crafting Melodic Solos"


 This month's mailbag deals with crafting melodic leads.  Jeff offers some helpful tips on things to remember when putting together a melodic lead, and uses a classic JFRocks Guitar Lead from "More than a Feeling" VH'ized as a great
real-time example.


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