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Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino Since we get asked a lot about the equipment Jeff and the gang use for this website below are some details for you.  Most of the pages were written by Jeff himself so the setup suggestions as far as the guitars go is first hand.  Any amp or effects suggestions are just that, suggestions.  Always do what you think is best for your specific needs as a player.  We've only detailed our most used equipment.  There is obviously other stuff used that's not listed here now but may be listed in the future so definitely check back.  We hope these sometimes amusing descriptions of some of Jeff's most popular and in some cases famous equipment are both informative and helpful.

Also please remember the motto for equipment.  "Keep it simple".  A good sound is a good sound.  Too much over-priced junk doesn't guarantee a good sound.  In fact a well dialed in amp, and a properly setup guitar can deliver a killer tone as is proved on countless guitar lesson song examples.


Jeff Fiorentino uses:

* Customized Kramer & Fender Electric Guitars, & Ovation Acoustic Guitars
* Crate, Marshall, & Fender Amplifiers
* Boss, MXR, Ibanez, & Crybaby Effects
* Seymour Duncan Pickups
* Fender 150XL Guitar Strings



Jeff Fiorentino Guitar Lineup
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Jeff Fiorentino's JFRocks Guitars
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Jeff Fiorentino's JFRocks Guitars
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Jeff Fiorentino's Main Guitar Lineup

The infamous White Custom Kramer

Jeff's main guitar, and the one used most often for JFRocks lesson applications from the beginning in 2001 to the present.  This is especially true for any Van Halen style guitar lessons given.  This guitar sounds Brown and warm even unplugged.  You can read the guitar's details page to learn about how it's setup, and what factors Jeff thinks might be helping it to sound the way it does.

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The Green Kramer Baretta

Jeff's secondary Kramer that's actually used for many of the lead breaks on the Van Halen style song lessons we do.  This guitar isn't very commonly used on video segments because of its dark fretboard.  But we sure do get a TON of email about it because of its Kramer Baretta lineage, rather odd back story, and our color choice which seems to be hated some, but in reality was more of a practical joke on our very own Mick the Mixer that stuck and has kind of grown on us and it seems many of you.

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Jeff's Custom Stratocaster

The 2nd most used guitar on our site and products.  This guitar is as far from off the rack as you can get.  But that doesn't mean it cost a lot to do.  This great sounding guitar is nothing more than a cheap standard Strat with some not so standard modifications.

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Jeff Fiorentino's Main Amplifier & Effects Lineup

The Crate GFX 212

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Classic Marshall JCM 800

Basic effects & commentary

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