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JFRocks Halloween - JFRocks.com Halloween inspired Guitar Lesson EVIL with Jeff Fiorentino
 Halloween 2014


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"Funeral Death March".  Is a JFRocks.com take on the classic "Funeral March".  As with what
 I teach here on the site and often do in the real world, this track is embellished and rewritten to reflect
 a more guitar sensibility.  Parts of the original Funeral March have been reworked into new parts,
 a good example of this is how the song opens.  The arpeggio riff was modified from the bridge part
 of the original "Funeral March" track.  Our song's chorus however is only slightly embellished from
 the original song.  I've changed the way the end of the riff comes around so that it has a pinch
 of Randy Rhoads influence.  I thought it rounded it out nicely and went with the chorused guitar
 tones nicely.

Enjoy the song!!  And as always with my stuff....  CRANK IT UP!!!!
And have a safe, but EVIL Halloween.

-- Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP) JFRocks.com

Previous Year's Halloween Guitar Lesson Updates

Halloween 2013

"Van Hallows EVE"
A pinch of "Tora Tora" and a swig of "Everybody wants some".  2013's JFRocks Halloween was a Van Hallow Holiday for sure.

Halloween 2010

"Surfing with MUNSTERS"
A JFRocks take on the classic
"MUNSTERS" TV show theme.


Halloween 2012

"Addams Family Festering"
A JFRocks take on the classic "Addams Family" TV show theme.  With a pinch of AC/DC, and a dash of surf.

Halloween 2009

"A Touch of EVIL"
An EVIL De-Tuned little
piece of Halloween METAL.

Halloween 2011

"Master Crowley"
A JFRocks take on the EVIL
riffing of the Ozzy classic
"Mr. Crowley".

Halloween 2008

"Iron War Pigs from HELL"
A JFRocks look at the style
of Black Sabbath.

JFRocks Halloween Music Tracks
The music tracks below are from some of the JFRocks Halloween Guitar Lessons
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JFRocks Halloween Inspired Guitar Lessons with Jeff Fiorentino