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Jeff's Latest Release

Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino Photo  Jeff Fiorentino
"Dairy Cow Sausage"

Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino - ASCAP - Dairy Cow Sausage
Released:  Oct, 8th 2015

JFRocks in Film


Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino - ASCAP - The Road to Todmorden, Breathe Easy indie-film Soundtrack  Breathe Easy Film SoundTrack
 "The Road to Todmorden"



Featured Track

Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino Photo  Jeff Fiorentino
 "Doctor Whom"


Breathe Easy

Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino - ASCAP - Doctor Whom
Released:  Sept. 18th, 2015


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RedMen Films Facebook #DrunksLikeUs Official Twitter   Paul Mackie IMDB


BreatheEasy2016, film-shoot in South Africa
The largest global film project ever attempted!!

Over 27 Directors, in more than 25 countries,
    all coming together to build a world-record breaking
    masterpiece of indie-film history. 

    And ROCKIN' the whole thing is music by
    Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino &



RedMen Films

RedMen Films Facebook #DrunksLikeUs Official Twitter   Paul Mackie IMDB

#DrunksLikeUs - by Paul Mackie

 #DrunksLikeUs is a feature length comedy starring;
 Luke  Griffin, Andrew Marsden, Andrea Stefancikova,
Victoria Broom
Stephen Tailby.  Music by Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP).

 Status Released

RedMen Films Facebook #DrunksLikeUs Official Twitter DrunksLikeUs IMDB

 All Above Board - by Paul Mackie

 All above board is a full length Horror/Comedy starring. Victoria Broom,
 TeeJay Kah, Michaela Ellis, Tyne Stewart, and Martin Payne.
 Music & Creepy Guitar Sounds by
Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP).

 Status Released

RedMen Films Facebook #DrunksLikeUs Official Twitter All Above Board IMDB


Anchorage Records Electric Gathering

 Anchorage Records - "Electric Gathering" Anchorage Records official Twitter

 Featuring Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino's - "Deafen thy Neighbor"

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 Jeff Fiorentino and Official Twitter "Milk Invaders"

 Zimzala Studios "Milk Invaders from Outer Space"
 Featuring music by our very own Surfalicious
Jeff Fiorentino

 Download it for your iOS
 Milk Invaders from outer space iphone app game download on iTunes

Zimzala studios Milk Invaders from Outer Space


Van Halen Rising - by Greg Renoff

  Visit the Van Halen store and pre-order your copy of;
Van Halen Rising"
Anchorage Records official Twitter
  signed by author Greg Renoff

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