Surf Bo-Bette – (Milk Invaders from Outer Space)

Surf Bo-Bette – (Milk Invaders from Outer Space)
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“Surf Bo-Bette” – (Milk Invaders from Outer Space)

This is the song used for the theme music to the Zimzala Studio ios Video Game “Milk Invaders from Outer Space”. Official Gameplay Trailer is on YouTube at:

This is also track 1 off the now infamous Guitar Lesson Package titled, “Sun, Sand, & Surf music”.

Released in early 2007, Sun Sand, & Surf music is a top seller at and teaches the in’s and out’s of Surf Guitar playing. This track, “Surf Bobette” is track 1 of 6 that are on the guitar lesson product.

Download your copy of this song today, by clicking the “Buy a Download” link on the SoundCloud player.


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