Dick Payne

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“Dick Payne” is a BALLS to the WALLS Hard Rock Guitar Instrumental. Built on 4 main guitar hooks and a mixing of tempos this song will absolutely without a doubt ROCK YOUR WORLD, that I can promise you. It’s got tricky yet killer guitar hooks, Killer Guitar Solo, and a great sound. Basically everything my following both here on SoundCloud and at JFRocks.com like. That said, Enjoy, and CRANK IT UP.

FYI, the song’s title “Dick Payne” comes from a good friend of mine who played bass on this track. His name is Richard Payne, but obviously it’s too hard to resist the urge to call him “Dick Payne” lol, so that’s what we do. This song would not be as cool without Dick’s wicked bass grooves and sound, so let’s turn up those sub-woofers in honor of Mr. Big Dick Payne’s work on this song.

Louder the better folks, so CRANK IT!!

“Dick Payne”

Written and Arranged by – Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP) JFRocks.com

To License this Song – visit, JFRocksProd.com

Performed by

Jeff Fiorentino – All Guitars

Richard (Big Dick) Payne – Bass

Jeff Fiorentino – Drums

Engineered by – Mick Simms


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