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Anchorage Records Electric Gathering

 Anchorage Records – “Electric Gathering” Anchorage Records official Twitter

Featuring Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino’s – “Deafen Thy Neighbor”

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10 Tips for Understanding Chord Families Guitar Lesson

10 Tips for Understanding Chord Families
by Kathy Dickson

Chord Families:
How They Can Make Your Playing Easier

Have you ever tried to figure out the chords to a song and become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of chords available to you?
And have you noticed that some chords sound better together than others, while some sound downright discordant together?

Although any chord may in principle be followed by any other chord, some combinations are just more pleasing to the ear. That’s because chords are related to one another, like a family. All the chords in a chord family will sound good together because all the notes contained in them belong to the same scale. But how do we know what chords go with which family? 

Luckily, there is a system for determining the set of chords that will best harmonize with the melody of a song. The following are 10 concepts and how-to’s for playing chord families: 

1. There are different types of chords in every family.

A common mistake is thinking that all of the chords in a major scale are major chords, and all the chords in a minor scale are minor chords. This isn’t true. There are three types of chords in a family—a major, a minor and a diminished. 

2. Musical alphabet.

The letters in the musical alphabet run from A through G then circle back around to A, where the cycle begins again. You can start at any letter in the musical alphabet and go around the seven letters until you arrive back to the letter where you began. 

3. Musical scales.

A scale contains the seven notes of the musical alphabet. For simplicity’s sake, let’s work in the key of C, which is one of the most common and easiest keys to play in as it uses all natural notes (no sharps or flats). A C major scale looks like this:
 C D E F G A B C 

4. Name that key.

The first note of any scale not only serves as the name of that scale, but also as the name of a
key Click here for more) and that key’s root chord. Key signatures are like a rule book that tell us which notes belong together and as a result, which chords do as well.

5. Roman numerals.

Now, let’s assign a Roman numeral for each letter in the key of C: 

C    D    E     F     G     A     B
   I     ii     iii    IV   V    vi    viii° 

The uppercase numerals represent major chords and the lowercase, minor chords. If there is a degree symbol after the numeral, it indicates a diminished chord. 

6. Identify all the major chords in the key.
Pull out all major chords in the key, which are I (C), IV (F) and V (G) in the above example. 

7. Identify all the minor chords in the key.

Next, pull out your minor chords, which are ii (Dm), iii (Em), and vi (Am). And there you have your chords for the key of C. (Again, to keep the chord theory to a minimum, we’ll leave out the diminished chord for now.) 

8. Apply this method to other keys.

Now that you know the chords that support the key of C, try finding the chord family for other keys using the scale for that particular key. 

9. How many chord families are there?

There is one chord family for each note and there are 12 notes in total
(A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G and Ab). Of those 12, there are
5 that work particularly well on the guitar: C, A, G, E, and D.

10. You can use chords outside the family.

Chord theory for keys holds in most situations. However, rules are made to be broken.  Things can get pretty dull if you use the same chords over and over and over again, like the I-V-vi-IV cycle (C-G-Am-F in the key of C). An out-of-key chord thrown into an otherwise normal progression can add interest to a song. Let your melody lead you, and let the chords back them up.

Kathy Dickson writes for, an online guitar lesson website that specializes in beginner guitar lessons.




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Reefer Docs – New Hard Rock by Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino

Reefer Docs – New Hard Rock by Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino & fans, here’s a new track…

Reefer Docs by Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino - Reef Doctors - Reefer Docs - Hard Rock - Guitar Instrumental

Reefer Docs” is a hard rock guitar instrumental that I produced about 6 weeks ago for a TV commercial spot. I can’t legally share something like this with you guys until I get permission, so that’s why it took 6 weeks to post this track for y’all. It’s a free download, I can’t legally sell it, so whoo hoo for you guys.

Reefer Docs” has a bit of a blend between the dark side and the melodic side of things. The main theme riff of the song is a mode changer, which is kind of where its vibe is coming from. The riff blends with the flam Tom drum beat to give it a real dark head-bang feel. The song’s secondary or bridge riffing is an intricate arpeggio picked pattern riff with a big mode change of its own. The two riffs blend together with the off the cuff guitar solo to make this piece another one I think is worth blowing some speakers over for sure.

As for the song’s title, since people often ask, sometimes the song drives the title and sometimes it’s the other way around. In this case it’s two-fold. The title is a fun play on words with an Australian TV show that I liked very much called “Reef Doctors” (, which seemed to feature each week a new unsuspecting tourist to their island being bitten, stung, stabbed, or infected in some way by something deadly and needing immediate medical care which they for some reason couldn’t provide, which in turn usually meant needing a helicopter to get them to a real hospital, but alas, the chopper is held up each week. LOL.. Sounds like a bunch that could have used a “Reefer Doc” on staff if you ask me!!,

(And speaking of Reef Doctors, you can check out the demo reel for the coolest receptionist in history “Nell” played by the always awesome Chloe Bayliss in the JFRocks Official Blog, at )

Which leads to the secondary title meaning which is a reference to everybody and their grandmother having Pot prescriptions these days. Docs have become a sort of pseudo drug dealer. Which I find endlessly amusing by the way.

All that said, this track ROCKS!!! So CRANK IT UP!! and enjoy…. And look for it on a TV near you soon.. Although I have no idea what market they’re putting it in, if you hear it let me know, and put the commercial on YouTube will ya… :)

Reefer Docs

Written and Arranged by – Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP)
To Download this Song in mp3 format – visit,
To License this Song, for Film, TV, Radio etc. – visit,


Performed by

Jeff Fiorentino – All Guitars
Mick Simms – Bass
Jeff Fiorentino – Drums

Engineered by – Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP) & Mick Simms (WB)

Copyright © 2015 JFRocks Music Publishing – Hollywood, CA – Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Written by – Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP) – Follow Jeff>>Jeff Fiorentino and Official Twitter Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino Official Facebook - Friend Jeff Fiorentino on Facebook Jeff Fiorentino and Guitar Music on SoundCloud

Jeff Fiorentino music on SoundCloud Check out more music from Jeff Fiorentino on — SoundCloud
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Actress Victoria Broom – Demo Reel 2015

Actress Victoria Broom – Demo Reel 2015

As always here at and JFRocks Music Publishing we like to help promote people in our industry that we think are worth the effort to help.  Victoria Broom is not only on that list, she is super cool.  I’ve produced music and been the composer on 2 films she’s been a part of, and nobody has anything bad to say about this girl ever.  Super talented, and very professional, I would recommend casting her to anyone.  Especially if you’re in the Horror genre, which she is not only fantastic in, but fairly well known in as well.  Check her IMDB page out for more info.

Actress Victoria BroomVictoria Broom
was born and grew up in Shropshire, West Midlands. She attended a youth school then went on to attend the Junior Carlton Television workshops in Birmingham, alongside fellow actors Felicity Jones and Ryan Cartwright. She is known for work including Deranged, The Herd, Legacy, Crossroads and ABC’S of Death 2.

Victoria has also starred thus far in 2 Redmen films productions, playing the same character in both “#DrunksLikeUs“, and our most recent film, the horror comedy “All Above Board” both written by Paul Mackie.

Please check out Victoria’s 2015 demo reel below..

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Follow Victoria Broom on >>>
 Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino Official Facebook - Friend Jeff Fiorentino on Facebook Jeff Fiorentino and Official Twitter 

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