It's a long way down the Holiday Road
"Vacatisms 101" - "The long way down"

Metallic Pea Reborn - Vacatisms - Holiday Road - National Lampoon's Vacation - JFRocks

A Story City Entertainment film
Soundtrack by Jeff Fiorentino & Alan M. Davis
"Holiday Road", "Dancin' Across the USA"

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See Kirsten's website for party photos and other behind the scenes images.
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Track 1:  "Holiday Road, A Long Way Down - arranged for guitar and film by Jeff Fiorentino & Alan M. Davis
Track 2:  "And We Went Dancin' Cross the USA, buttercup days are through
- arranged for guitar and film by Jeff Fiorentino & Alan M. Davis

Film by:  Derek Meyer & Jeremy D. Miller, Story City Entertainment, Hollywood California 90028  Copyright 2006-2007
Music by:  Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino,, and Alan M. Davis


Special note to party guests:  This short spoof was done strictly as a birthday gift for our very own pet Vacation crew alum Mick.  While some of the music from the film is on this page, we put it here!  We ask all 250+ party guests that received a DVD copy of our short film parity of "National Lampoon's Vacation" to please not make the film available for public viewing. i.e. on YouTube or Vimeo or any of that.  This page is here as a courtesy to those of you that are attending Mick's May 27th 2007 birthday bash!  We figured you would all want MP3 versions of the spoof's soundtrack.  The other two songs done by Jeff and Alan for the spoof are available on Jeff's website for those interested.

For party photos, and a who's who of the bash please visit Kirsten's homepage.  The URL for her homepage is printed on the DVD itself.  You may also email Zoe for copies of the photos and behind the scenes shots, or if you lost your DVD.


Film Soundtrack Links & Music Credits

  Vacatisms - a long way down the holiday road

Arrangements by:

  Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP) and Alan M. Davis

Performed by:

  Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP) (all guitars, drums, & bass)

Mixed by:

  Alan M. Davis & Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP)

Music Recorded at:

Alan M. Davis's home studio on 2/26//07.  It ended up being more of a pool party / BBQ than a recording session, but in the end we got it done by around 2am or so.  Just in time for Jeremy to include these songs in the film as it was being edited.


"Vacation, The Long Way Down"
Soundtrack MP3 song samples

Instrumental, intended for entertainment and film use only!
Unauthorized re-distribution is prohibited and we beg you to not do it.  thanks


"Holiday Road, A Long Way Down"
Opening credits and piece

"And We Went Dancin' Cross the USA"
Ending credits scroll & outtakes

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MP3 Format sound 320 Kbps
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All Music: Copyright 2007 Eureka Drive Productions, Studio City & Woodland Hills, CA
Film short: Copyright 2006-2007 Story City Entertainment.  All rights reserved.
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We are not affiliated with Warner Brothers, or the original National Lampoon's Vacation film in any way.

** For the 250 of you that have a copy of the RARE film, we hope you enjoyed it.

While never intended for public consumption it was a lot of fun to do, especially the car!!
We have to send out a special thanks to Paul Rosen for lending us the Truckster used in the spoof.
P.s. it took Jeff, Chris, and Randy 4 hours and about 500 dollars worth of parts to get it to run.  lol
It'll never pass a California Smog Check but we didn't need it to.

We would also like to thank Alan M. Davis for all of his production help.
And of course Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino of for the awesome guitar playing and composing.


Metallic Pea - Vacatisms 101

Holiday Road MP3 - Dancin' Across the USA MP3

The wagon queen family truckster

Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino

Vacation Spoof Film
Dana Barron, Chevy Chase, Bevery D'Angelo, Anthony Michael Hall