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Blues on Acoustic Classical Acoustic styles Jazzy Acoustic styles Latin Acoustic styles
The JFRocks Blues Shades of classical - part 1

Shades of classical - part deux

Shades of classical - part 3

Alice's Restaurant - Massacre in C Intro to Latin - part 1

Gas, of the Classical kind
Acoustic Melody based lessons Riffing on Acoustic Bluegrass & Southern Pickin' Useful / helpful & Miscellaneous
Melody & Tension

Moving bass notes lesson

Acoustic riffing - part 1

Acoustic riffing - part 2

Southern Fried Pickin' - part 1

Southern Fried Pickin' - part 2

Bluegrass Country - Part 1
Nashville Tunings

3 lousy chords

Big Fat Strummy Dummy

Capo lesson



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